Dr. T. Venu Madhav,Principal.

Dr.T.Venu Madhav, born in Nellore .District of Andhra Pradesh. He has 19 highly successful and fruitful years of proven service with dynamic, initiative and innovative approach and administrative prowess. He motivates the students to organize and engage themselves in various activities in the portals of the college. He strives hard for the progress of the institution by organizing motivational programmes both for the students and the staff. His indefatigable, tireless striving guides the students and the staff for attaining academic and technical excellence. To his crown of success, he acted as the Convener of 88 Days Marathon Speech on Ethical Voting which won Limca Book of Awards. His deep desire is to motivate the students to gain knowledge, technical excellence, expand their intellect and broaden their minds with vision for their future in this hub of knowledge to make their country strong among the comity of nations and above all to stand on their own legs with self esteem. He is held in high esteem by both the teacher and the taught.

The mission of the college life is to integrate students into a diverse university community; promote their intellectual, social, and spiritual development; and in collaboration with the faculty, prepare students for lifelong learning and global citizenship

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